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Bubble Trouble介绍

Prepare for trouble! Shoot and pop all the balls and clear the board as fast as you can before you run out of time! Install the super fun Bubble Trouble shooting game, show some quick color matching and strategy skills to beat the challenges and win levels.

Popping bubbles is super exciting, and a real adrenaline rush!

Go on an adventure to the bubble world and discover amazing puzzles and challenges at every pop! Play the best bubble shooter game today and enjoy thousands of challenging levels packed with addicting brain teasers. Test your skills and overcome the obstacles.

Your goal is to match 3 or more 3 bubbles of the same color to pop but you have to make sure to clear all the balloons before they reach the red line, or else it’s game over. You have to act fast and reach the target before time runs out!

Can you handle the pressure and clear the board?

Don’t wait any longer- get into action and join the bubble shooting extravaganza!

* Drag your finger to aim, release your finger to take a shot.

* Match colors to pop and blast bubbles.

* Clear all the colorful balls from the board.

* Hurry up and pop all bubbles as quickly as you can.

* Don’t let the bubbles reach the red line or else you’ll lose the level!

* Aim and blast balloons and reach the level target.

* Explore thousands of exciting free puzzle levels.

* Swap bubbles without limit, just tap on your bubble to change its color.

* Reach high scores and try to get three stars on every level.

* Play this fun bubble shooters game anytime and anywhere you’d like- no wifi or internet connection is needed.


Pop bubbles, Don’t struggle!

Aim and hit the target, blast the balloons and beat all the challenges. Compete against friends and see who can reach the highest score and get three stars on every level. This cool bubble shooting game is perfect for the whole family to play and enjoy!

Enjoy thousands of FUN and challenging levels.

Cool graphics and effects.

A fun puzzle game for families and friends to play and enjoy.

Free to play bubble shooter game.

Smash all the bubbles and enjoy the challenging gameplay. It’s important to form a strategy according to the different balloon layout in each level. Use your logic and color-matching skills to overcome the obstacles and pop and blast all the balls. Advance along thousands of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game gets even more challenging. You can start any level over and not have to wait for lives, as they are unlimited!

Shoot and crack all the balls in this easy and relaxing free shooting app.

Play now for free and WIN BIG!

All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

准备好麻烦!拍摄并弹出所有球并尽可能快地清除电路板,然后再耗尽时间!安装超级有趣的Bubble Trouble射击游戏,展示一些快速的色彩匹配和战略技巧,以击败挑战并赢得关卡。






不要再等了 - 开始行动,加入泡泡射击狂欢!




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Android 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)
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